custom case terms to know

Time to bone up on your custom case terminology!

If you’re looking into purchasing a custom case to transport sensitive equipment, but find yourself bogged down by industry jargon, Advanced Packaging can help. Take a look at this handy glossary of industry terms broken down, so you can know just what you need and just what you are getting when it comes to your custom case.

Anti-Static Foam

If you wish to transport electronics, than a custom case utilizing this material is idea. This foam has anti-static properties which cushion and protect electronics from electrostatic shock during transport.

ATA Rated

The ATA refers to the Air Transport of America trade association’s regulations in regards to setting packaging standards for equipment which is being transported by air. The ATA’s Spec 300 outlines a number of mandatory standards a custom case built for this purpose must meet. For example, containers must be coated with non-corrosive products.

EPS Foam

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam, is commonly used when a custom case is being built with cost in mind.  


This number is used to express the fragility of the item being placed within the custom case. The G-Factor is the most g-forces that a piece of equipment can withstand before being negatively affected.


This measurement of the acceleration of a falling object is used as weight. It is used in foam packaging to measure the shock equipment experiences when dropped from different heights.


This is a  waterproofing and environmental sealing rating. The first two letters stand for “Ingress Protection,” while the numbers represent the extent of the protection offered. The “6” indicates that a custom case will protect equipment from dust and the “5” means that the custom case has been tested to protect what it carries from water jets. Custom cases rated IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 are also available. 

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