Choosing the right color for your custom case could protect your equipment from harm.

Leaving a custom case out in the sun for long periods of time is highly unadvised, as it can make the interior of the case hot enough to seriously damage the sensitive electronics it was supposed to protect. Inlets and outlets for convection can help to lessen the effects of these issues is the ambient air is of a cool enough temperature. Active cooling, this includes things such as thermoelectric technology and air conditioning, is an option but comes with an intensive installation and added weight and costs. When considering custom case design, it can beneficial to keep the color of the case in mind. Depending on where your case is going, changing the color can reduce the amount of cooling technology that is necessary, and maybe eliminate it completely.

Sizing Up The Problems Posed By The Sun

Sunlight is at its most intense near the earth’s equator and weaker at the poles. There is also a coastal/moisture effect to consider. This means that cloudy regions experience less solar radiation. Within the United States, heat loads vary greatly depending on the area. However, this alone is not all you have to consider when taking heat damage into your custom case design plans. Sunlight and heat can also reflect off surrounding surfaces, and are absorbed more by some surfaces and colors than others.

Absorption And Reflection Of Color And Custom Case Design

When light hits an opaque surface, it is either reflected or absorbed. When you see the color red or blue, what you are actually seeing is a reflection of that wavelength of light. White reflects all light, and therefore does not absorb heat from sunlight as readily as colors such as deep blue or black

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