Custom foam inserts fit fragile equipment like a glove to ensure protection.

Regardless of your custom case carrying needs, there are a number of modern customizations, such a soft foam inserts, which can help you transport sensitive equipment, delicate technology, electronics, and all manner of things safely. These features include temperature-controlled interiors, custom case sizes, data and power ports, removable racks, and shock mounts. To learn more about what custom foam inserts can do for you, as well as all of their diverse applications, read on.

Camera And Electronic Case Applications

Electronic equipment, including communications, industrial, scientific, and photographic devices, are rarely able to withstand particularly rough conditions on their own. Custom foam inserts can help make even the most extensive or high-risk travel situation safe for delicate electronics.

Custom Foam Inserts Are Often Used In Reusable Shipping Cases  

Many customers have found that replacing the commonly used collection of cardboard boxes and wooden shipping crates with reusable and customizable shipping crates saves money, depending on their circumstances. With customizations on the table that add shockproof, waterproof, and crushproof protection, these cases are often a smart buy.

Custom Foam Inserts Are Commonly Used In Trade Show Shipping Cases  

Trade show assets are constantly on the move but need to look like they are fresh out of the showroom when they get wherever they need to go. Custom foam insert technology helps to ensure that fragile materials, regardless of their shape, size, weight, function, or destination, look perfect regardless of how far they have traveled. While a piece of equipment may be well-traveled, it certainly won’t look it when a high-tech protective case us used.

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