Plastic custom cases are water, pressure and shock resistant. Protect those expensive medical equipment before going out on the field!

Transporting fragile, expensive equipment can be a risky business. You don’t want that million dollar x-ray machine, or thousand dollar high-tech drone falling apart piece by piece during a bumpy off road ride. If you’re smart, you’ll choose a custom case made from tough, durable plastic that is shock resistant, watertight, airtight, and highly customizable! Keep your investments protected! Don’t bottom out on your expenses because you neglected to protect your intricate medical machinery! Plastic cases are either injection-molded or thermoformed and are the protective material kings of the military industry. Let’s explore just a few of their notable protective capabilities.

Shock Resistance is No Joke!

The U.S. military often uses plastic custom cases for their shock resistance. Think about it. If your squad is traveling over rough terrain (boulders, uneven Earth etc.), protecting your costly investments is impossible if your custom case isn’t shock resistant. Plastic allows for added cushioning in situations that pose high risks of crushing or shock. There are manufacturers out there that specialize in shockproof plastic materials specifically for traveling with fragile, expensive equipment. Finding the right plastic for the things you’re carrying shouldn’t be hard!

Plastic Allows For Flexible Customization

Plastic, believe it or not, is moldable! The benefit of having a custom case made from flexible material is that you have the power to create a unique shape that fits perfectly around your fragile freight. The interior of each case is highly customizable as well. With a tight hand-in-glove fit, specific brackets, racks, keyboard protectors, shock mounting, and custom cut foam dividers ensure your precious cargo will be unharmed once things get a little shaky. Without fitted internal hardware, the space between your plastic custom cases’ hard exterior and breakable goods could render them useless over a big enough bump.

Plastic Custom Cases Are Watertight and Airtight

The last thing you want while hulking around a million dollar shipment is water damage. With most electrical equipment, enough moisture will completely destroy functionality. Plastic is the best custom case material for protecting your goods from condensation, flooding, rain, or complete submersion. Plastic customizable cases are pressure resistant as well, so air travel will be a breeze. Pressure changes within a plane’s cabin could render your delicate investment useless! Don’t get tied up in millions of dollars of debt, choose the right plastic custom case today!

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