The Pelican Air is, by far, the most durable lightweight custom case in the world.

Pelican products are the biggest suppliers of transit, custom case technology. Manufactured by the world’s principal design manufacturers of custom cases, these babies solve some of the biggest challenges associated with carrying fragile, expensive, field-specific equipment. The Pelican Air is the lightest polymer case, currently, in  the world. Reducing freight weight needs to be your top priority when out on the field. Heavy duty vehicles, a large combination of equipment, and all products necessary to getting the job done adds serious carrying load. Custom Case Group President, Tim Jennings has said, the cases, though up to 40 -percent lighter, undergo the same testing and are just as strong as regular cases. Let’s talk about the science behind these cases, and how Pelican Industries has created such  convenient, durable lightweight custom case.

How Is The Pelican Air So Light?

The next generation of Pelican HPX 2 resin is able to effectively withstand shock and vibration without breaking. The resin can experience a ton of rebound and will keep your precious electronic, medical, and military equipment safe from harm while traveling. With honeycomb structures, and stiffened sections reduce the cases’ weight without compromising durability. Engineered by the pioneers of protective cases, Pelican Products, and their engineers have done their research as well! By taking the time to familiarize themselves with airline rules for maximum size dimensions, they were able to optimize a product with maximum carrying capacity at the lowest possible weight. Think of the new carrying possibilities for transporting heavier equipment! You’ll barely need to take into account subtracting the weight of your hefty case in weight restrictive traveling environments.

HPX 2 Polymer

Polymer is the most durable plastic used to build most custom cases. HPX 2 polymer is what makes the Pelican Air so light and strong. The material is dustproof, crushproof, and can be manually depressurized. The case goes through a series of testing to prove its ability to withstand trauma. It is drop tested from 6 feet onto concrete and force is applied to all sides and corners to ensure strength consistency. To test it’s pressurizing abilities, it’s submerged for 30 minutes at a 1 meter depth. Even the case’s locomotion ability is tested by rolling the Pelican Air over 1,000 yards carrying heavy freight at a speed of about 5 mph. The Pelican Air’s HPX 2 polymer is professionally engineered and rigorously tested to ensure optimum custom case protection and carrying capacity.

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