custom cases

Aluminum is a great choice for custom cases because of a few unique features.

When it comes time to pick the perfect material for your custom cases, it can be incredibly difficult to choose between the many options—metal, plastic, aluminum, and other high-tech options. Aluminum custom cases are the perfect combination of strength and durability, so why should you choose aluminum for your custom case?

Durable and Airtight

Aluminum cases are much more durable than their plastic counterparts. Aluminum cases can withstand a variety of conditions very well without denting, cracking, or damaging the product inside. Aluminum cases can also be created so that they are airtight, which is especially useful for transporting delicate instruments or sensitive documents. Water can wreak havoc on just about anything inside of your case, so a watertight aluminum custom case can add an extra layer of protection and some peace of mind.

No Stress Under Wear and Tear

Aluminum custom cases are great for people that travel frequently with their products, so if you find yourself visiting tons of trade shows or boarding lots of planes, aluminum is the best choice for you. Plastic cases can crack or get damaged in periods of heavy use. Aluminum custom cases are excellent at withstanding lots of stress, wear and tear, and heavy use.

Carrying Multiple Cases

The last great thing about aluminum custom cases we will talk about here (but definitely not the last advantage!) is that they are incredibly lightweight. If you find yourself frequently transporting multiple custom cases or need to ship them, a lighter weight is always beneficial. The lighter weight can also come in handy if you frequently fly with your custom case. Plastic cases can weigh a lot and need to be checked, but many times aluminum custom cases weigh in at less than the maximum for carry on luggage, so you won’t need to worry about checking your product or equipment before you board the plane.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. for Your Aluminum Custom Cases

Advanced Packaging, Inc. has an incredible amount of experience making custom cases from a wide range of materials for a wide range of objects. We have the latest in quality assurance technology to make sure that whether you need aluminum custom casing or quality package testing for your product, we can get the job done safely, quickly, and expertly. If you would like to learn more about our custom packaging, give us a call at 1-888-206-5250 or visit us online. For more tips on picking the right custom case for you, follow us on YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.