rotational molding

Rotational molding is great for custom cases because it makes a stronger product.

You might have heard that rotational molding is a great option over injection molding or blow molding, but do you know what it is? Here is a quick rundown of what exactly rotational molding is and how it could help you get your custom cases finished before you know it.

Rotational Molding 101

Rotational molding, in a brief sentence, melts down plastic into a mold to give you a finished custom case. The mold is first heated to an extremely hot temperature with the required amount of polymer inside. The oven is constantly rotation to ensure a smooth process. Once the polymer is melted and sticking to the walls of the mold, the hollow part will be rotated through at least two axes at different speeds. This ensures that polymer doesn’t settle in any one spot more than others. Once the molding is done, it is cooled with a fan. This can take a while, since the ovens are typically between 500-700 degrees! After it’s cool, the mold is opened and the part is removed.  

Why Rotational Molding?

Rotational molding is so popular for many reasons. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Rotational molding takes much more time than other methods of molding, which might not seem like an advantage. However, the finished product that you end up with will be stronger and more durable to reflect that extra time. Even though they take a longer, they don’t take so much longer that it would cross them off the list of options altogether.
  • Rotational molding affords you tons of customization options without breaking the bank. You can use pre-made sheets of plastic to create different effects before adding polymers. Unlike injection molding, this technique creates a seamless finished product that will not fall apart.
  • Rotational molding is a very cost-effective choice for your custom case. The startup cost is low and the materials are also fairly inexpensive. Rotational molded custom cases offer a huge bang for your buck.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. for Your Rotational Molded Custom Cases

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