shock mount

Shock mounting is a great way to protect your cargo from impact and jostling.

Shock mounting is used in a variety of ways, but it basically is a mechanical fastener that connects two parts elastically. This not only keeps equipment safe, but it can also control vibration and reduce noise. Let’s take a look at some of the practical applications of shock mounting.

Mounting Machinery

As we mentioned earlier, machinery with shock mounting can help control vibrations and reduce noise. For example, automobiles will have flexible mounts that will help reduce the noise of the vehicle operating. Naval ships also use special shock mounts to minimize the noise of the machinery as its going over the water. Shock mounts for naval ships will help protect the shipboard equipment from the shock of explosions.

Shock Mounting & Microphone Mounts

Shock mounting will protect microphones from damage. But the primary purpose for shock mounting for microphones is to stop them from picking up mechanically transmitted noises. Microphones are so sensitive that they can pick up noises transmitted from under floor stands, and they can also pick up handling noises from boom poles. And some microphones in general are just more prone to being sensitive and need a shock mount to protect itself against even the smallest of vibrations. A shock mount will make a studio with a microphone look more professional, but at the end of the day it is all about protecting the sound quality.

Shock Mounting in Other Applications

Shock mounts can also be found in furniture design. Shock mounts in furniture provides some absorption from shock, and it also allows the seat back to pivot. Shock mounts can also be found in bicycle seats as mountain biking provides the need for a lot of shock absorption.

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