injection molded plastic

Injection molded plastic is more than strong enough to protect your equipment.

Often articles claim that modern polymers and injection molded plastic are stronger than steel. However, is this true? In this blog post we take a look at just how strong plastic really is so you can make the best possible custom case decisions for you.   

The True Facts

Saying that outright all plastic is stronger than all steel is a very broad and incorrect statement that cannot be made point black with any accuracy. This is because there are numerous grades of steel with different strength capabilities. Something similar can be said of plastic, with different kinds having different strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. While all plastic is not stronger than all steel grades, some are stronger than certain types of steel. It all depends on what kind of plastic and what type of steel you are comparing.

What Does This All Mean?

Depending on which type of polymer you are talking about and what type, such as injection molded plastic for example, you are looking at whole different things. Plastic is used to both make toys for children, and another super strong type is used in highly demanding situations such as within airplane engines. It all depends upon the type you are using and the situation it is used in. However, some plastic is certainly amazingly strong.

Factor In The Situation

It is impossible to outright say with any accuracy that all plastics are strong or weak or stronger or weaker than all metals, as these things are so vastly different. Overall strength is a combination of material properties and the geometry of a product itself. The guidelines and make up of metal and plastic are inherently different. However, when designed and made properly, plastic products can be amazingly strong and durable.

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