Medical case materials

When it comes to creating custom medical cases, what are the best medical case materials?

When it comes to creating custom medical cases, one question comes to mind. What are the best medical case materials? In this blog, we will review the 3 best medical case materials. In this regard, these materials are aluminum, plastic, and wood/composite. Read on to learn more about the best materials to use when selecting your custom-made medical device case!


Aluminum is the Dependable Metal Choice!

With the right customization, sensitive medical devices will feel right at home in aluminum. Protect devices such as MRI machines from electromagnetic, radio, and high frequency interferences. Aluminum boasts a superb strength-to-weight ratio, perhaps its calling card in this industry. In fact, aluminum cases can be designed to accommodate heavier loads and afford them extra protection. All of this can be done without making the total package absurdly heavy. Best of all, they are easy to clean and sterilize.

Choose Plastic for Your Next Medical Case!

Why should you choose plastic for your next medical case? No matter the method used to create it, plastic is excellent for waterproofing your casing. They can also be made to withstand crushing and shocking damage. In addition to being watertight, plastic is ideal for making your cases airtight, and thus easier to transport by air. Plastic is especially useful as a material for casing interiors. Need further convincing? Most standards and regulations throughout the industry are met or exceeded by plastic used for this purpose.

Wood and Composite Make for Reliable Medical Case Materials!

Wood and composite materials could seem a strange choice for your medical device casing. But hear us out. Wood composite materials are immensely helpful when your medical device is exceedingly large or oddly-shaped. Combining multiple types of materials, including those named above, could be the answer.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. for Your Custom Medical Case Needs

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