Custom Military Case

Read on for tips on how to choose the right interior for your custom military case.

While every custom case is different (that’s why they’re called custom), custom military cases are very different from the rest. These cases must ensure that important and sensitive cargo makes its way to foreign countries intact and undamaged, and it must be able to survive in whatever climate it is heading to. Damage to the contents of a custom military case can completely ruin important and mission-critical aspects of a situation. If you need to ship equipment to military forces or need to use equipment in a combat situation, choosing a custom military case is your best bet. Here are some tips for choosing the right interior for your custom military case.

Climate Control

From the hot and humid Maryland summers, to the hot and dry desert, to the icy wet tundra, military supplies need to be able to survive in many different climates. Your custom military case should be designed with climate control features built in so that it can withstand the rugged combat environment. Depending on the contents of your custom military case, it can be manufactured with refrigeration or thermoelectric cooling to keep items below a certain temperature. These controls (and added insulation to the inside) can also keep equipment from freezing in a very cold environment.

Foam Inserts

Shock protection is another crucial interior design aspect for custom military cases. The equipment inside is often sensitive, and cannot safely withstand lots of drops, falls, and bumps. Custom-fit foam inserts will protect the inside of your custom military case and act as a shock-protecting buffer against any drops. Better yet, custom fit foam inserts are very affordable and easy to pop in and out of the case as needed.

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