medical device shipping

In this week’s blog, we will cover medical device shipping and how to make it eco-friendly.

Going green, or making your processes eco-friendly, is becoming more of an industry standard these days. Helping to protect the environment is not only good for your company’s image, but good for its bottom line as well. In this week’s blog, we will cover medical device shipping and how to make it eco-friendly. Read on and learn more below!


Ways to Make Medical Device Shipping Eco-Friendly Start with These Ideas

  1. Think Lean: Thinking lean may not seem possible. For a start, what does it mean to lean The short answer is to learn to do with more with less. Stretch out your resources. Implementing sustainable practices and striving to eliminate wasteful processes will both benefit your workflow and your efficiency.
  2. Use Reusable Custom Cases: This is the key point. Custom cases, especially for medical devices should be plentiful in general. But for the sake of redundancy in medical device shipping, be sure to rely on reusable custom cases. You can also minimize packaging costs and damage losses. If you minimize packaging costs, it means you can use even more custom cases.
  3. Also Use TMS to Your Advantage: What is TMS, you ask? TMS stands for Transportation Management Software. TMS can help bring automation into the process. Some examples of what it can do for you include: optimizing ground-based transport routes and rounds (how often shipments go out); select the most efficient modes and providers for both inbound and outbound shipping; track the transportation in real time; and order batches of shipments at a time.
  4. What is Direct Thermal Printing? Medical devices can be delicate, fragile, and expensive. Protecting them doesn’t have to be. With direct thermal printing, the proper labels for identification and shipping can be added directly to the surface of the reusable custom cases carrying the devices. DTP eliminates the heat transfer ribbon involved in thermal transfer printing and in the long run is much more sustainable.
  5. Foster an Eco-Friendly Company Culture: An eco-friendly company culture should be highly valued. Fostering such a culture can improve your shipping efficiency and ensure better protection of the medical devices being shipped in reusable custom cases.


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