plastic custom cases

Plastic custom cases are a safe bet for your medical devices.

Plastic custom cases are a safe bet for your medical devices. Last time, we discussed the top three materials for use in a medical case. In this blog, we will focus in on plastic in particular. Why are plastic custom cases a safe bet? Read on to find out more!


Plastic Custom Cases Boast Excellent Shock Resistance

Shock hazards are a danger to everything. Especially when your medical devices are in transit, or are being shipped, you don’t want them to be damaged, destroyed, or otherwise tampered with by electrical interference or other shock hazards. Because plastic is an excellent insulator, consider building your next custom case with plastic to better protect your sensitive devices.

Plastic Custom Cases Are Extremely Customizable

It should go without saying that custom cases are, obviously, customizable. But plastic offers further customization options. When compared with other possible materials, plastic is more flexible, and more malleable before it is molded and completed. Whatever size, shape, or other dimensional needs your medical devices may call for, you can have the plastic arranged to fulfill those needs.


You can also customize the interiors of your case, to fit different types of devices, and to have different types of protective foam. If your case interior is designed well enough, it will also serve to increase shock resistance.

Plastic Custom Cases Can Keep Out Air and Water

As your medical devices are likely to be incredibly expensive, a smart investment would be to use plastic to protect them. Besides electricity (and the potential fire hazards electricity could pose, to boot), air and water also pose hazards for your devices. Luckily, plastic custom cases are both airtight and watertight. They can repel any possible damage from moisture effects or water. And what’s more, is that while they are being shipped by air, plastic custom cases can provide protection against air pressure changes that could potentially cause malfunctions or other problems with your devices.


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