Soft pack emergency survival kits

Whether for home or business, preparing soft pack emergency survival kits is a good idea.

When creating a custom case, hard sided cases are not your only option. Whether for home or business, preparing soft pack emergency survival kits is a good idea. Although these kits are far easier to assemble for home and business use, two questions should drive your thinking: What should be included in these kits, and how do they make shipping and transporting them easier? We will answer those questions in this edition of the blog. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more.  

Basic Supplies for Your Soft Pack Emergency Survival Kits


These are some of the bare minimum essentials to include in your soft pack emergency survival kits. They include:

  • Water: The amount of water that should be included are a gallon per person per day of the expected emergency.
  • Food: The food included shouldn’t be perishable, and should be easy to prepare as well. So primarily canned foods.
  • Flashlight: Flashlights are vital implements and are easy to move in large shipments, especially if the individual components of the soft pack kits must be assembled from separate sources.
  • Radio: Like flashlights, radios are also vital implements.
  • Extra batteries: Wherever you go, whatever else you include, you will need extra batteries. These batteries power the flashlights and radios that could be indispensable to the situations you will find yourself in.
  • First aid kit: It should go without saying that first aid kits should be a major part of your survival kits. First aid kits themselves can either be in a hard sided case or a soft pack case, to boot.


How Do They Make Shipping and Transporting Easier?

Making such a wide variety of items fit into easily transportable soft pack cases can be a challenge. Of course, soft pack cases are lighter and more pliable. They should be easier to pack into various shipping containers before they are ready for transportation.  Keep in mind the shipping and transport method you will need (ground, rail, or air).

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