UAV cases

UAV cases, especially custom-built are important for protecting your UAVs.

UAV cases, especially custom-built ones, are important for protecting your UAVs. What are UAVs? They are unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones. In this week’s blog, we’ll discuss some important considerations for custom UAV cases. These are the criteria you should keep in mind when looking for the right packaging to protect your technology.

Hard Custom UAV Cases and Soft Custom UAV Cases

When deciding on which type of custom case is right for your UAV, reflect on what purpose it will serve. The casing should be determined by what the UAV will be doing: aerial filming at high altitudes several times a month? Recreational activities as part of a UAV or drone flying club? Or is the UAV going to be part of a search-and-rescue operation? These questions all factor into your final decision on which UAV cases to use. Let’s look at hard and soft custom cases:

Hard cases will typically be manufactured through injection molding so that the plastic shell on the outside will be extra durable. Waterjets can also cut custom foam inserts for these cases. With plastic as its primary component, these cases are also impervious to air, water, and crushing effects. They can also withstand pressure and shock hazards.

Soft cases are for better areas and environments in which your UAV cases won’t be in so much danger. One major advantage is that they’re lighter and easier to travel with, making them great choices for dedicated hobbyists and professionals who need protection for their equipment on a daily basis but not in extreme circumstances.

Additional Features for Your Consideration

Customization is an important feature to consider, but there are other, more important considerations, as well. You’ll want to be sure there’s enough storage space inside the case for the UAV itself and its associated items, such as controllers, propellers, and batteries. Custom foam for the inside of the case is critical as well.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. for Your Custom UAV Case Needs

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