Custom Cases for Portable Water Testing Kits

When it comes to portable water testing kits, you want to be sure that both the outside and the inside remain waterproof.

There are times when custom cases need to be waterproof, even when they are not in transit. When it comes to portable water testing kits, you want to be sure that both the outside and the inside remain waterproof. In certain situations, especially when testing rivers or other bodies of water, dust, dirt, and sand can penetrate the case and affect the equipment within. Therefore, it’s important to have a case engineered to prevent dust and other particulates from reaching the contents of that case as well.  

Rating Systems for Custom Cases

Custom cases and transport cases (also known as transit cases) are highly similar. What happens if the transit case holding your portable water testing kit ends up in the river? At the depths of a river, water pressure levels could potentially reach 1,000 pounds. If the case was not meant to be submerged, that amount of pressure can easily destroy the case. To know you are getting the properly-designed custom cases for situations such as this is to understand the rating systems in place.

Custom cases built to the proper specifications for preventing infiltration by dust or water are rated as IP65 or IP67. In certain extreme conditions, over-engineered cases can be as poor a design choice as under-engineered ones. This rating system is based on the so-called “Ingress Protection” rating. After the IP, the first number represents how well the case withstands infiltration by solid hazards such as dust. The second number, therefore, represents how well the case withstands liquid hazards, such as water. The higher the numbers, the more protective the case will be against the identified hazards. When it comes to portable water testing kits, it’s important that the cases are as sealed and tight as possible. If such a case has the digit 5, it can endure jets of water sprayed at it from any direction. If the case has the digit 7, it means the case can be in a body of water up to 1 meter in height, while an 8 means it can survive sinking and going completely underwater.

What This Means for Testing Kit Cases

When designing or ordering custom cases, it is best to keep in mind the case’s intended destination. Scientific exploits are often going to get messy, especially when using portable water testing kits in wet environments. While solid hazards present challenges, liquids are even more challenging to prepare for. Salt from the water can fill the air. Tropical environments are more likely to be humid and rainy. While American locations can expect plenty of rain and storms, especially in the summer, international destinations are more unpredictable. No matter what type of testing kit custom case you have, it must be properly insulated against dust and water.

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