Designing Custom Cases for Stage Lighting

When you are designing custom cases for stage lighting, it’s important to keep in mind that these lights are extremely fragile.

When you are designing custom cases for stage lighting, it’s important to keep in mind that these lights are extremely fragile. For a custom case to adequately protect stage lighting, you will have to work well with others involved in the process of building and transporting the lighting. How can you design and build the best possible custom case?

Working with Clients and Customers

Whatever you need a custom case for, it is essential that you work closely with your clients and customers. Especially when you are building custom cases for stage lighting and other forms of lighting, your clients and customers should be able to provide you with the proper specifications you need to assemble the most protective materials.

  • Ensure constant communication between the sales team and the engineering team.
  • Get a good grasp on what your clients and customers want.
  • Identify which components and materials are the best choices, based on client input.

Some other factors to consider when assembling a great custom case include:

  • The contents of the case  (and it might not just be stage lighting equipment).
  • How much insulation the contents of the case need (in which case, custom foam inserts are probably a good idea).
  • How the case will be moved, shipped, or used (will it be transported by truck, or by air?)

The Process is Unpredictable

Although the production procedures may follow established patterns and protocols, reaching the production phase can be much trickier; after all, the client might request different types of lids or differently-sized wheels. They might also want a particular material for the exterior shell of the case. Either way, you won’t know unless you and your team are constantly in touch with your clients. Not only will as much as information as possible benefit the current order, but the information can also be relied upon for other orders as well.

Success is the Goal

Success is the ultimate goal, so you should strive to please your customers. It’s entirely possible that spending the extra time to gather all the information and make all the connections that you need can slow down the turnaround time for your final product. But even so, you can be sure that you will create a superb case, and meeting or exceeding your client’s expectations is worth all the additional resources of time, money, and labor you will pour into it designing the best custom case.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Case Needs

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