Selecting the Proper Custom Case for Your Products

Selecting the proper custom case for your products is always one of the smartest investments you can make.

Selecting the proper custom case for your products is always one of the smartest investments you can make. When it comes to more delicate equipment, you want to be sure you’re keeping it protected en route to its final destination. When you’re considering which custom case to choose, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Because custom cases can be fabricated for almost any product, you will want to ensure all eventualities are covered. Consider, for example, the most extreme situation your custom case could be in, what the outside of the case will be constructed of, and what goes inside the case as well.

Extreme Situations

As far-fetched and unbelievable as it might seem, extreme situations can happen. Disasters of all kinds can befall your custom case. For instance, if you’ve got portable water testing kits, you want to be sure they’re waterproof. What happens if that case falls in the river? One way to prevent water from infiltrating cases that need to be waterproof is to use what is known as a purge valve. If the contents of the case can be damaged or destroyed by being dropped or thrown around, you will want to be sure that the packaging is strong enough to withstand impact damage.

Outside the Box

Besides taking into account what could happen to your custom case, think about what the exterior surface of the case will be made from. Two possible options are aluminum custom cases and plastic custom cases. Aluminum is more effective when you need to protect your cargo against certain signal disruptions such as electromagnetic interference, or EMI. Another benefit of aluminum custom cases is that they are much lighter. Depending on what conditions your custom case will face, plastic might be another material to choose. If the contents of the custom case need to survive long trips to distant destinations or need to be shipped by air, consider using plastic for your custom case instead.

What’s On the Inside?

As important as the outside of the custom case is, you also need to consider what goes inside it, too. The proper foam inserts can make all the difference. Custom cases might not always be treated with the most respect during transit, and accidents do happen. Minimize the risk of damage to your cargo from simple human error or plain carelessness when the cases are being handled. For delicate and expensive equipment, such as medical devices or surveillance turrets, you might want to invest in a synthetic foam known as polyurethane. This foam provides good insulation against any impact or fall damage. It’s also incredibly light. If your cargo includes food or other items that can degrade, polystyrene might be a better choice instead.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Case Needs

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