Single Lid Custom Cases vs. Double-Entry Rack Mount Entry Cases

During the process of creating custom cases, you will undoubtedly encounter some hard-to-answer questions.

Whether you are designing custom cases for for scientific purposes or to protect delicate stage lighting, you always want to be sure that you build the correct type of case. During the process of creating custom cases, you will undoubtedly encounter some hard-to-answer questions. What kind of molding should you use? Which design provides the most protection against impact damage? Read on to find out.

Reasons to Choose Single Lid Custom Cases

Due to their simplicity, single lid custom cases offer more choices for customization. Customization allows you to adapt any number of features depending on the type of product you are packing into said custom case. Even if you are only looking to package something highly particular, a single lid custom case is still a smart choice. Here are the most common styles of these cases:

  1. Plastic rotomolded cases: These cases feature an intricate amount of detail and are known for their strength and durability. If your product or project calls for a high degree of customization, you should choose these cases.
  2. Plastic injection molded cases: Along with their durability, plastic injection molded cases are renowned for being supremely waterproof and impact-resistant as well. While these cases are not as customizable, they are quicker and easier to produce.
  3. Aluminum custom cases: For customers who need to fly around the country or the world on a regular basis, aluminum custom cases are their best bet. Aluminum cases also excel at withstanding whatever harsh conditions they encounter.

Reasons to Choose Double-Entry Rack Mount Cases

Double-entry rack mount cases are streamlined and designed for easier shipping. Even when locked together, you can still reach what is contained inside. What are the benefits of double-entry rack mount entry cases?

  1. Molded ribs facilitate the locking mechanism.
  2. Easier to grip handles.
  3. A wide variety of customization options.
  4. Availability of aluminum: Aluminum is a strong and lightweight material that can be made into a double-entry rack mount case just as easily as it can be made into a single lid entry case.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Case Needs

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