Avoid These Mistakes When Selecting Custom Cases

Finding the best custom cases for your products, devices, or communications equipment can be an exhilarating yet time-consuming process.

Finding the best custom cases for your products, devices, or communications equipment can be an exhilarating yet time-consuming process. To save time, you might be tempted to take some shortcuts and expedite the proceedings. But by doing this, you’re making your first mistake. What are some other mistakes you should take care to avoid when selecting your next batch of custom cases?

Planning the Design Around the Best Outcome

While you should always expect the best outcome, preparing for anything less is also advisable. By focusing only on the best possible outcome for your custom cases, you are already admitting defeat. Even though this sounds like pouring cold water on your optimism, keep in mind that everyone is human and mistakes will happen.

Even machines can fail or make a mistake when human operators are involved. When preparing custom cases, imagine all of what could go wrong while your products are on the move. What about water damage and moisture infiltration? Sudden air pressure changes? Impact shocks due to unexpected turbulence? If you factor in any and all possible mishaps, you can make your custom cases even stronger.

Disregarding the Foam Requirements

Another critical element in designing your custom cases is to consider how much foam you need. If you ignore the foam needs, you won’t provide your products with enough insulation. So how do you prevent any accidental breakage due to insufficient foam support?

Pay attention to the foam load requirements your designers recommend based on the payload. How is the foam load even determined in the first place? First, the weight of the contents is measured. Then it is divided, mathematically speaking, by the total amount of surface area on each side. For its part, the surface area is measured in square inches. Once you know what the foam load is, you can go on to choose the best type of foam to use for a custom foam insert.

Presuming You Know How Fragile It All Is

Fragility is another factor to keep in mind. How fragile something is can often be underestimated. To avoid this, overestimate the fragility because you can never be too careful. Many different products and devices have varying levels of vulnerability – perhaps some simply sturdier than others. By taking all of these considerations into account, you can ensure you’re meeting all of the specifications for the best custom cases possible.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Case Needs

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