Do You Need Systems Integration for Communication Equipment?

Here is why you should consider systems integration during the design of custom cases for your electronics.

Communication equipment can be highly sensitive and extremely delicate. Providing the best custom cases for these devices might also call for system integration. By thinking ahead, you can prevent any potential catastrophic damage to your valuable communication equipment. Here is why you should consider systems integration during the design of custom cases for your electronics.

The Importance of Systems Integration

Systems integration can ensure that your valuable electronics are wired directly into the custom cases used to protect them. The cases can shield the internal components and wiring from possible damage during transit. Learn more about how custom electronic cases can improve the functionality of systems integration below.

Why Are Custom Electronic Cases a Necessity?

Shipping can be a dangerous journey for your cargo to undertake. Any electric or electronic equipment, no matter its intended purpose, needs to be protected as thoroughly as possible. Whether the equipment is intended for medical uses or military applications, both the exterior and interior parts of the equipment need to be kept intact. If the wires inside this equipment are damaged, it could disrupt the flow of electrons and interfere with how the communication equipment is supposed to work. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or unexpected combat situation, like an ambush, reliable and instantaneous communication is of paramount importance.

The Versatility of Custom Electronic Cases

The true value of a custom case is that it can be engineered to fit your needs, regardless of what they may be. The custom electronics case you choose can accommodate whatever communication equipment must be contained within it. However, there are several factors to consider when these cases are created. Why is this systems integration needed in the first place? Some other factors to consider are:

  •  What kind of equipment is it?
  •  How will it be transported?
  •  How far does it need to go?
  •  What is the climate or environment of the destination?

To address these questions, you also have numerous options at your disposal:

  • Various systems integration methods
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Case materials (Aluminum? Plastic?)
  • Colors (regulating heat/temperature levels)
  • Seals against air, water, dust, and dirt

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