Why You Should Choose Aluminum Custom Cases

Where does your equipment need to go? Wherever you need it to go, and whatever you need it to do, consider the merits of aluminum custom cases.

Where does your equipment need to go? Wherever you need it to go, and whatever you need it to do, consider the merits of aluminum custom cases. Shipping, storage, and protection are all valid concerns when it comes to designing custom cases. But you don’t have to worry as much when you’ve got an aluminum case on your side. Let’s learn more about them.

Lightness and Strength

One of the most critical elements in any custom case design is the weight of the case. Aluminum provides a lightweight solution that still boasts a surprising amount of strength. The heavier the case is, the more inefficient it was designed; now sometimes, heavier cases might be beneficial. However, in this instance, heavier materials do not necessarily mean a stronger case. Aluminum won’t crack or break as easily as other materials will, a quality known as fracture toughness. Shocks from impacts such as drop, accidental damage from a machine, and any other possible damage, such as tearing, is doubtful when an aluminum case is properly designed.

Weather Resistant

Here in Maryland, it still doesn’t feel like fall. But sure enough, the rain and winds will pick up. Custom cases are supposed to help protect their contents against the ravages of the weather. Saltwater and ultraviolet rays are two other elements that could cause corrosive damage to your products. But aluminum is impervious to this type of damage, and it is capable of withstanding both high temperatures and low temperature. Best of all, you can make aluminum custom cases watertight, as well as proof against drips and splashes.

Protection for Electronics

We know that sensitive electronics are often expensive and irreplaceable. That’s why we place a premium on electronic integration and protection. Aluminum is also excellent when it comes to electrical conductivity. Besides reducing electrostatic charges, aluminum is a solid choice for EMI shielding, and for military assets, aluminum deflects radio and radar signals alike.

Heat Conductivity

Aluminum excels at dispelling and scattering concentrated sources of heat. This attribute is a boon for any delicate contents, such as scientific testing equipment that can be affected by the presence of heat, either directly or indirectly. Because of its thermal, or heat conductivity, it is a fantastic choice for your next custom case.


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