Evaluating Shock Protection for Your Custom Cases

Shock protection is an essential design factor to account for when you order your next custom case.

No matter what you need to contain in your custom cases, you need to protect them. Shock protection is an essential design factor to account for when you order your next custom case. Whether the custom cases are meant to house medical equipment, military assets, or fragile electronic devices, all of these items won’t work if they break or malfunction during transit.

Shock Protection for Different Purposes

Emergency Response: First responders to any emergency, whether it is a natural disaster, storm aftermath, or terrorist attack,  are going to need the best custom cases. These cases should be lightweight and yet durable enough to meet the demands of their users. Whatever is contained in these custom cases must be kept safe through shock protection if they are to work correctly.

Military Missions: Whether they are meant for protecting surveillance drones, or keeping weapons and ammunition intact for the next engagement, custom cases are crucial elements of any military mission. Portable servers to process the information sent back by drones need safeguarding too. During any operation, communications and coordination are vital to success. Thus, communication platforms deployed into the fray must be given optimal shock protection as well.

Medical Situations: Medical equipment also needs the best shock protection possible. During an urgent medical situation, the instruments inside poorly-made custom cases can shatter or suffer damage that results in poor performance or inaccurate readings. These issues could cause critical mistakes during a medical event when the pressure is at its highest.

The True Value of Custom Cases

When appropriately designed, custom cases are durable and, even more importantly, reusable. Lighter materials such as cardboard or wood might be used to carry cargo that is only meant for one destination; essentially, custom cases made from these materials are only good for one shipment. Custom cases can cut costs related to goods, products, and payloads damaged during transport. How can you determine just how much shock protection you truly need? These measurements can be taken by machines such as accelerometers which pair with data-interpretation screens that report the results.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Case Shock Protection Needs

With an extensive experience in making custom demo cases for a range of material and objects, Advanced Packaging, Inc is the best choice for your packaging needs. We have the latest in quality assurance technology to make sure that the casing you need for your product is the best and will get the job done quickly, safely and expertly. If you would like to learn more about our custom packaging, give us a call at 1-888-206-5250 or visit us online. For more time on picking the right custom case for you, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, and now Instagram.