How to Select Custom Foam Interiors for Shipping Cases

Do you need to build the ideal shipping case? Then you’ll need to select the right custom foam interiors for it.

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season sees an incredible demand for shipping packages and gifts all across the country, not to mention around the world. However, this demand is great for the companies that can properly supply it. Do you need to build the best shipping case? Then you’ll need to select the right custom foam interiors for it.

Prepare for the Worst Outcome

You might be familiar with the saying that goes, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” When it comes to designing shipping cases, this axiom holds true. You should always prepare for the worst possible outcome. That’s why custom foam interiors are so important. Even though you may label your custom shipping cases with a “fragile” sticker, or stamp it with “DO NOT DROP”, you never know what will happen while your case is in transit. Humans can make mistakes, or just won’t care about how they handle something. But just because other people are like this, doesn’t mean you should be, too.

Understand the Payload

Next, you should always understand the payload that will be contained in these cases. No, not all payloads will be military assets or scientific equipment. That being said, every surface of the case’s contents that touches the foam will need to have a load calculation performed for it. How heavy are the contents of the shipping case? Custom foam interiors can be cut according to the weight of what they need to protect. Figure out how much the contents weigh, and then consider the total available surface area the foam needs to cover. That’s how you can determine the foam load.

Consider the Custom Case

Lastly, don’t forget to factor in the shape and size of the custom case you need the custom foam interiors for; this matters too. Remember, rugged exterior materials such as aluminum and plastic won’t be enough. You’ll also need to account for shock protection, waterproofing, and how it reacts to changes in air pressure.

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