Height Considerations for Rack Mount Custom Cases

Height considerations are essential to factor into the design of your next batch of rack mount custom cases.

If you are looking to build the best rack mount custom case that you can, you will want to think about how tall it will be when it is done. Height considerations are essential to factor into the design of your next batch of rack mount custom cases. How much space will you have to work with once the cases are ready? That is the main question you will have to keep in mind.

Design Specs

When conventional rack mount cases are designed, a measurement known as the U number is brought up – so what are U numbers? They are a quick way to refer to rack units, RU. A single U is equal to 1.75 inches, so a rack mount custom case measuring 5U would provide roughly 8.75 inches of available height. However, the inches measured reflect the interior capacity of the case, so the exterior space needed might be somewhat different.

Tipping Points

The taller you make a rack mount custom case, the easier it can tip over. It’s vital to account for the possible tipping points you might encounter. Think about it like this: if the rack mount custom case is designed to house computer equipment in a commercial building, then you can expect the floor to be smooth. But the same cannot be said if the case needs to be steered over uneven ground. Choosing a smaller, shorter rack mount case might be the right call in that situation.

Weight Considerations

Along with height considerations for your rack mount custom cases, you’ll need to deal with weight considerations as well. Any transit or shipping case you might need to use could be heavy even before adding anything to it.

How to Choose

When it comes down to it, the size of your rack mount custom cases is up to you. A rack mount case might be too tall,meaning a standard custom case might fit your needs better. If the contents of the case are oddly-sized, then you may want to consider dividing the contents between two regular custom cases that are much smaller.

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