Protecting Aluminum Cases While They Are in Transit

We’ve previously discussed the advantages of aluminum cases. But they are also excellent transit cases.

We’ve previously discussed the advantages of aluminum cases. But they are also excellent transit cases. No matter where you need to send them, these cases will keep their contents safely intact. That said, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the proper measures to keep the aluminum cases themselves protected while they travel. Here are some tips for doing that.

The Importance of the Isolation System

If you’re worried about the contents of your aluminum cases being damaged or destroyed, then an isolation system might be the answer you seek. Any shock and impact from an accidental drop won’t be able to harm what’s inside.

Whether you choose to reinforce the custom foam inserts inside your aluminum case or select improved shock mounting, it’s all up to you. However, both of these materials work much better when they have the proper amount of rigidity backstopping them. How do you achieve this effect? By selecting aluminum for your next order of custom cases.

When aluminum cases are used with foam and shock mounts, it prevents the contents from moving around too much. When the case is next opened, everything should still be where it was when the case was closed before shipment. This protection is even more critical when it comes to keeping electronic equipment safe on its way to its final destination.

The Inherent Advantages of Aluminum Cases

While plastic does have some intriguing merits, it isn’t as sturdy as aluminum. It’s true that plastic has some flexibility, or give, and this is how it handles shock absorption. But the major downfall of plastic is that it is vulnerable to radical shifts in environmental temperature. If it’s too hot or cold, plastic cases might suffer physical damage in the form of cracks and breaks. In short, you don’t want to see it fracture before it shatters. Luckily, aluminum does not have this same flaw.  

Weight is another concern when it comes to choosing which material to use for your next custom case. If the product transported within the case is over 300 pounds, it is best to select aluminum. Any other materials might not measure up to the task.

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