3 Ways to Avoid Making Mistakes While Building ALuminum Custom Military Cases

When you’re shipping military equipment, there are a wide variety of aspects you must consider, including the regulations for building aluminum custom military cases. There are many standards and protocols that must be met to ensure that both the product and the shippers remain safe. These expectations can be hard to meet, and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re expected to do. However, if you keep these three mistakes at bay, your packing and shipping will be secure and smooth.  

Registering Late

When you’re shipping and packaging for the military, you want to make sure you receive your compensation promptly--to do this you need to understand their registration process. As you begin to bid on military contracts, you’ll want to register your aluminum custom military cases as soon as possible. This is the first step in the process and can take several days, the sooner you start, the better. The military uses a system called iRAPT, which stands for invoice, receipt, acceptance, and property transfer. Making sure to be ahead on those steps can mean a more timely payment.

Follow Requirements For Labeling and Tagging

When dealing with a supply chain as complex as the military’s, it becomes vital to follow the correct tagging and labeling procedures. To ensure your aluminum custom military cases gets to the right place at the right time, you’ll want to review MIL-STD-2073.

Making Sense of MIL-STD-2073

The most critical regulation to get to know before you begin working with military packaging is the MIL-STD-2073. This provides clear instructions for the packaging and shipping of many types of military goods. Understanding the regulations is essential to your success in military shipping as you must pass a quality assurance inspection. If your custom aluminum case packaging doesn’t meet these requirements, you may not be able to ship with the military. In this case, it’s a good idea to take a comprehensive look at the 2073 standard to ensure you’re going above and beyond.

Make Military Shipping Easy With Advanced Packaging Inc.

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