How To Control Moisture in Custom Aluminum Cases

People use custom aluminum cases to transport various types of important equipment safely. We see them used in the entertainment industry, medical industry, and even in the military. They are efficient at keeping equipment protected from abrasion and other types of damage. Along with the benefits that come with using an aluminum case, there are additional measures that you can use to ensure that your property does not sustain damage during transit. One way is to be sure that you control the moisture inside your case.

Moisture Damage

Moisture can cause expensive and irreparable damage to equipment. It can also cause corrosion and even foster the growth of mold. Enclosed spaces are even worse as they can accelerate the damage that moisture does. Warm air holds water vapor, but when the case cools, it causes the moisture to condense. Fortunately, there exists a countermeasure for preventing this situation: desiccants.

Using Desiccants

Desiccants are hygroscopic substances that act as drying agents. They can both induce or sustain the level of dryness in custom aluminum cases. You use a desiccant by simply placing it inside your custom aluminum case alongside whatever equipment or tools you’re packing up and transporting. Although there are many different sizes, the best way to determine which type would work best for your needs is to judge by the size of your custom case. Quality desiccants can take up to thirty-five percent of its weight in water. Some inexpensive options will hold up to ten percent. Each desiccant has a one-time use as it’s no longer useful once it’s full of moisture. You might be wondering, what are some other differences between the different types of desiccants for your custom aluminum cases? Well for one, some use silica gel or other molecular sieves. No matter what type of desiccant you choose, you can use it to control interior moisture and protect the contents of your custom case.

How to Control Moisture

To proactively control moisture before it gets the opportunity to damage your custom aluminum cases, you should do your best to anticipate the conditions of transit. To do so, you must have an idea of the temperatures that the case and cargo will both encounter through its journey.

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