Carrying Musical Instruments in Custom Aluminum Cases

Custom aluminum cases can help ease the mind by providing a secure environment in which carry the instruments.

It’s often the nature of the work for musicians that they must travel with their instruments. This situation means that they have to find an efficient way to store and carry their instruments for ground transportation and on planes. As instruments are usually delicate pieces of musical equipment, they have to be stored in cases that are strong and rigid enough to protect them from the damage caused by getting tossed around in transit. Custom aluminum cases can help ease the mind by providing a secure environment in which carry the instruments. Check out this for traveling with instruments in a custom aluminum case.


There are many challenges that musicians face when traveling with their instruments. The first is the unique shape. Instruments are known for having unique shapes and sizes. There’s almost no other type of equipment that shares a similar shape with a guitar other than other instruments that have a similar design. Also, some can be quite bulky and awkward to store and carry in transit. With that said, the cases that musicians use for their instruments are usually specifically designed for that instrument.

Carry On

A great tip to remember when flying with instruments is that you should carry it on the plane with you whenever possible rather than check the case. If your instrument is small enough to fit inside the overhead compartment, that’s the safest way to travel with your instrument, to ensure that it will arrive at your destination with you as safely as possible. Traveling through the air with instruments requires careful planning. Make sure that you get to the gate early and are in an early boarding group. If you end up in a later group, there might not be any room overhead for your instrument. You’ll also need to account for expensive instruments when you can’t risk any damage, purchase an extra seat for the instrument. Although it may seem like a high investment, it may cost less than replacing your instrument and missing the gig.

Custom Case

Custom aluminum cases provide the most reliability for transporting instruments. They are rigid yet lightweight enough to make carrying more comfortable. Plus, foam inserts go the extra mile in protecting your gear in transit.   

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