The Importance of Relieving Pressure on Aluminum Custom Cases

Aluminum custom cases are a great choice for keeping expensive and delicate equipment safe during transit.

Aluminum custom cases are a great choice for keeping expensive and delicate equipment safe during transit. They prevent debris, moisture, and air from entering the case and ruining your belongings. However, another factor that should be considered when transporting sensitive items is changes in outside pressure. Let’s learn more about the importance of relieving pressure on aluminum custom cases.


Traveling through areas that have different levels of altitude will result in pressurizing your aluminum custom case. Even a difference of just 4.7 pounds per square inch (psi) could cause your case to begin to warp. What this means is that when you’re finally able to open the case and release the catch, it could burst open, causing potential injuries. The same could happen in reverse as well: at a negative differential, the pressure could make your case nearly impossible to open and damage your equipment inside.


In addition to changes in altitude, temperature changes will also affect and cause changes in pressure. For example, prolonged exposure to sunlight will be enough to heat up and cause the pressure to rise. The heat and the case’s deformed seals will add more pressure. Alternatively, at night the coolness from the air can create a partial vacuum that could still be harmful to the contents of your aluminum custom cases.


One of the available solutions for protecting your gear from pressure changes is to strengthen your aluminum custom case. However, the strengthening process adds weight and bulk to the case which takes away some of the benefits that come from using aluminum custom cases in the first place. Instead, another solution that allows you to retain the advantages of aluminum is to use a pressure relief valve. A pressure relief valve, otherwise known as a PRV or breather valve, allows for just enough airflow in or out of your case to avoid any significant changes in pressure from compromising the integrity of the case itself or the safety of your belongings. Once the differential exceeds 0.5 psi, the valve will open and then close again.

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