IP Ratings and Custom Aluminum Cases for Electronics

How can you make sure that the custom aluminum cases and protective elements you select will meet your needs?

The reality of the world today is that we expect almost all of our electronics to go everywhere that we go. For most of us, this means taking our phone, tablet, and maybe even laptop with us out into the world – a world where it rains, snows, and blows around sand, dirt, and other grit. We do this often without thinking about additional protection for our tech. But if your job requires that you take even more tech, or more delicate tech, with you or that it go into especially hazardous conditions, you might need more protection for your gear. How can you make sure that the custom aluminum cases and protective elements you select will meet your needs?


What Is IP?

The IP, or Ingress Protection, rating is a rating system that measures the ruggedness or waterproofness of a case. It is a great way to know that the case you’re considering will meet your needs. It is one of the main measures used in the protection sector.


How Does IP Work?

The IP rating system was designed as a simple system of classification, meant to be easy to understand for both consumers and producers of protective gear. Each rating is made up of the letters “IP” and a two digit number, where the first digit rates how well it keeps out solids and the second digit rates how well it keeps out water. Each of these numbers is determined by the results of precise tests, rather than just being a simple scale. For example, a rating of IP67 means that it will protect from all dust (this is the 6 rating) and it can withstand immersion in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes (this is the 7 rating). The requirements for each number in the rating are very exact.


How Will It Help You Get The Right Case?

The IP rating is a particular metric. So if you choose to use it in picking your custom case, you can be assured that the case adheres to exactly the guidelines you need for your electronics. You need to make sure you know what number corresponds to your needs. Then, using the IP rating system will be a great way to ensure open and clear communication with your aluminum custom case manufacturer. Once you understand what IP rating meets your needs, you can give the manufacturer that rating and know that you will get exactly the case you want and need.


Advanced Packaging Inc. is Here to Help

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