Types of Custom Medical Cases

Types of Custom Medical Cases & Containers

At Advanced Packaging Inc, we work directly with medical companies to design and build custom reusable cases and containers. Below are some common examples of the custom medical cases and containers API has built for our customers.  

Mobile Clinics

For medical professionals that need an effective mobile working unit, API has designed and built custom mobile clinic cases that help to safely transport equipment while supporting operations in the field.

Emergency Medical Equipment Cases

For equipment that needs to be used in rapid response situations, it is important that the instruments be stored and transported in a solution that is secure and easy to operate. Our engineers have designed custom medical equipment cases and containers that have been used in a variety of emergency response situations. 

Disaster Relief Cases

Disaster Relief Cases need to withstand the pressures of the environment that they are in, and perform at the highest level in the most critical of situations. API disaster relief cases and containers are designed to support relief efforts from natural disasters to emergency situations.

First Aid Cases

Custom field aid cases and containers help medical personnel operate as effectively as possible when outside of the typical clinic or hospital setting. Foam inserts that can be customized to fit the contents of the case help to maximize efficiency, while the hardshell exterior minimizes the risk of damage being done to the cases themselves.

Medical Device Cases

When transporting or simply storing a medical device it is important that the contents of the equipment are safely stored so that they can be housed for future use. At API our engineers design custom medical device cases and containers that can be used for both transport as well as storage.

API's Medical Solutions

Advanced Packaging’s medical equipment cases and containers provide superior protection and convenient portability for all types of delicate medical devices and tools. Whether your field is Orthopedics, Spine, Radiology, Ultrasound, Telemedicine, Veterinary or any other segment of the healthcare industry, API can create an appropriate customized solution to meet your needs.

About Advanced Packaging Inc

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Advanced Packaging Inc builds custom foam and case solutions for customers worldwide. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions for our customers, API has the capability to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients. 

Industries Served

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