Custom Medical Device Transportation Case

Custom Medical Device Transportation Case

As a leader in precision technology, OLYMPUS develops high-value medical equipment that is distributed to various facilities throughout the U.S.  Prior to discovering API, they used cases that would often break in route to their destination, causing them to not only have to replace the cases but sometimes their medical equipment as well. Because of this extremely costly problem, OLYMPUS contacted the team at Advanced Packaging Inc, asking them to develop a customized solution that would safely, and repeatedly, transport their medical devices from place to place without fear of damage.

The engineers at API were able to develop a specialized hard-shell case that displayed the OLYMPUS logo on the outside, kept the medical equipment safe and secure, and was easy to transport to and from locations.  In addition, thanks to a customized built-in ramp, the high price instrumentation could be easily rolled on and off of the storage container.


Since 1919 OLYMPUS has been a premier precision technology leader, creating innovative opto-digital solutions in healthcare, life science, and consumer electronic products.

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Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Advanced Packaging Inc builds custom foam and case solutions for customers worldwide. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions for our customers, API has the capability to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients. 

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