ICC Cases and Containers

ICC Cases and Containers

At Advanced Packaging Inc, we design custom foam and case solutions for our global customers. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions, one of the ways in which we accomplish this goal is through our partnership with Impact Case & Container. Known for their ability to surpass the highest standards of workmanship, ICC designs and builds fully-custom fabricated aluminum protective cases that are reusable, reparable, highly-specialized, and completely recyclable at the end of service. 

At Advanced Packaging Inc, our engineers will use ICC aluminum cases and containers to build a variety of customized solutions for our customers, a few of which include:



Aluminum Medical Cases

ICC custom aluminum medical cases and containers provide superior protection and convenient portability for all types of delicate medical devices and tools. Their certified packaging engineers design and manufacture precision foam inserts guaranteed to securely hold and protect medical devices.


Aluminum Military Cases

ICC custom aluminum military cases and containers are some of the strongest and most reliable transport cases available in the world. Whether you are shipping electronic instruments, weapons, or workstations, ICC can be a rugged case that will not only meet your requirements but perform beyond your expectations.

Impact Cases and Containers

Aluminum Aerospace & Aviation Cases

ICC custom aluminum aerospace cases and containers are reusable containers specifically designed to move high-value parts from one supplier to another safely. These custom aluminum aerospace and aviation cases and containers provide your company with superior protection for all types of sensitive equipment, parts, and toolkits. 

Custom Athletics Cases

Aluminum Athletics Cases

ICC designs and builds custom aluminum athletics cases and containers for professional and collegiate sports teams globally. These customized solutions allow athletic teams to store, organize, and ship their valuable equipment and game day essentials within a reliable and reusable aluminum container.

Why use ICC Custom Aluminum Cases & Containers? 

From initial design through all facets of manufacturing, an ICC custom aluminum case is built to surpass the highest standards in workmanship. For twenty years, the team at ICC has expertly crafted cases that have continued to go beyond the status quo and set new standards in functionality and durability.

Industries Served

We proudly design and build custom cases and solutions for the following industries