Systems Integration Case for MRI Global

Official Script: Systems Integration Case for MRI Global

Hi, I'm Ken Burkom, President and General Manager of Advanced Packaging. Today I'd like to show you how we transformed an off the shelf golf club travel bag into a mobile, operational laboratory. 

In collaboration with our client MRI Global, we designed and built a fully operational and rugged solution for conducting infectious disease sampling, plus genome mapping and sequencing. This unit is the first of its kind in this industry. It has the capability of conducting scientific experiments from the mountains of Asia to the jungles of Africa.

By merging our core competencies of a protective case, power requirements, full system wiring, along with the ability to custom fabricate both metal and plastics; Advanced Packaging has taken this solution from concept to production.

You will notice that all electronics are housed in a secure and separate assembly.

In addition, the system contains:

  • An on-board computer for storing all of the collected data. 
  • A monitor and keyboard
  • A cold storage unit for preserving samples
  • A genome sequencer
  • The unit even has a removable backpack for conducting additional field sampling
  • Plus all surfaces can be wiped down and sanitized in the field
  • A power converter that allows for the use of a standard car battery to power the entire system

As you can see, our team will work with you from the planning stages all the way through to the deployment of your solution. By collaborating with our engineers, your vision will be transformed into a fully integrated turnkey solution.

I hope you enjoyed previewing this project with me today. If you have any questions regarding API's capabilities, please contact us via the information below. Thanks again.

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