Custom Aluminum Medical Transportation Case

Custom Aluminum Medical Transportation Case for Nuvasive

Official Transcript:

Hi, I’m Gary Awalt, medical division director here at Advanced Packaging Inc, Today I would like to show you an example of a custom medical equipment transportation case we created for our client Nuvasive.

Prior to working with API, Nuvasive, the leader in spine technology innovation, used wooden crates to transport their medical devices from hospital to hospital across the country. This often led to problems such as the crates being broken upon arrival, the medical equipment shifting places, and in some cases damage to the equipment itself.

By partnering with API and our team of engineers, we designed this custom aluminum medical equipment case. 

This custom transportation case includes a ramp for easy loading and unloading, and is the perfect solution for safely and efficiently shipping Nuvasive’s medical devices to their final destination. 

The exterior of this case was built using high-grade aluminum, a rugged and durable material which eliminates the potential for damage to the internal contents. Unlike wood, which will often snap or break upon impact, the aluminum exterior will absorb blows or bumps, equally distributing the area of impact throughout the case. Furthermore aluminum is lighter, resulting in substantial cost savings when shipped. 

In addition to the ramp door, should a forklift be needed, the bottom is retrofitted with forklift provisions and ultra heavy-duty casters with multiple locking variations. Together, these design elements help make maneuvering the crate through hospital areas and convention sites a safer process. 

Finally, let’s examine the interior of the case. Through the application of our custom foam inserts, Nuvasive now has a custom-designed solution that safely transports their Pulse platform to its final destination. No longer will the contents shift, move, or become damaged while en route. 

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