Custom Weapons Cases

Advanced Packaging Inc has a long history of successfully providing our customers with custom weapons cases that are durable, engineered to the highest quality standards, and have been verified for their extraordinary performance by various government agencies. Our reputation is backed by a record of exceptional performance and a commitment to continuous improvement, which is why we are proud to be recognized as one of the only AS9100 Certified companies in our industry. Every solution we create not only meets but surpasses the recognized NADCAP, AWS, AMS, ISO 9001, and AS9100 criteria.

Whether you are shipping electronic instruments, weapons, or workstations; our 350 plus styles of standard rugged cases will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our military cases and accompanying cushioning systems comply with MIL-STD requirements and can be designed to satisfy any specification. These airtight, lightweight containers are shockproof and waterproof, and are built to withstand harsh combat conditions.

Custom Weapons Training Cases

When Inert Products needed a solution to securely transport their IED training kits globally they turned to the engineers at API. Our team upgraded their shipping process from use of wooden crates and corrugated boxes to deployment of shipping containers which feature custom foam inserts. This new design created a seamless mode of shipment and eliminated the potential for products to be damaged while in route to their final destination. In addition, the reusable cases can be used hundreds of times, dramatically reducing total shipping costs for Inert.


Custom Aluminum Missile Case

This custom aluminum missile case was developed for a branch of the United States Military. A lightweight and durable solution, this aluminum case will secure the missile and withstand some of the most severe travel conditions, making it the perfect transportation solution.

Given the size of this missile, our engineers chose to use an aluminum container, which is lighter than most off the shelf cases, yet still provides the durability necessary to keep this weapon secure. Aluminum containers are also unaffected by extreme heat or cold conditions, performing at temperatures ranging from -238°F to +302°F. Furthermore, our aluminum cases are resistant to damaging impacts. Although superficial dings may be visible on the exterior, energy from the impact is absorbed within, and not transferred to the contents, making this the perfect material for transporting sensitive equipment.

Custom Military Weapons Case

API recently engineered and designed this custom military weapons case for the United States Military. This solution is used to safely and securely transport weapons, while ensuring that the contents inside will not be susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations. The completed project features a custom case that is airtight, lightweight, shockproof, waterproof, and is built to withstand the cruelest combat conditions.


Advanced Solutions For Those Fighting On The FrontLines

Advanced Packaging Inc understands the importance associated with having a system that can functionally work within a case. That is why we have a dedicated department and staff, with extensive knowledge in the field of systems integration. Through the merger of our core competencies: protective case development, wire and cable harness assembly, precision metal fabrication, and conceptual design; API provides turn-key integration solutions for the fielding of both portable and fixed-site systems. Advanced Packaging will work with you from the planning stage all the way through to deployment of your solution. By collaborating with API, your comprehensive bill of materials will be transformed into a fully engineered and integrated system.

To learn more about Systems Integration, check out the short animation to the right.

API’s System Integration
Market Segments

  • Mobile Broadband Solutions
  • UAV Ground Stations
  • RF Shielded Solutions
  • Mobile Power Components
  • Encrypted/Secure data and voice transmission
  • Mobile Telemetry
  • Rack Mounted Communications
  • Telemedicine Solutions
  • COOP/COG Portable Solutions
  • Cyber

Cable Fabrication

Unlike many systems integrators, all cabling is manufactured to length, double shielded, labeled on both ends, and tested in house. Our capabilities include:

  • AC and DC power cables
  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet
  • Control and data cables
  • RF cables

Our Process

• Define the bill of materials
• Understand the product usage and environment
• Form factor
• Define the user interface and functional layout
• Develop concept drawings and review
• Identify custom supports and structure
• Discuss equipment connectivity
• First article/proof of concept with customer approval
• Procurement of all parts to complete the production units
• Assembly and testing of the system


Systems Integration Mobile Solutions
& Contract Manufacturing

Portable, mobile, integrated systems have revolutionized how our government, commercial, aerospace, medical, and OEM clientele function.  Whether the solution you require is vehicle mounted, contained in a custom enclosure, a transit case, or even a backpack, Advanced Packaging will partner throughout every step in the process towards meeting your program goals. Once you’ve shared your concept with us, our integration and engineering teams will identify the required bill of materials.  As a total turn-key solution provider, we will absorb the burden of obtaining various required components, from multiple vendors, off of your shoulders.


API uses the latest CNC punch and form technology to create high-quality precision sheet metal enclosures, component parts and interface panels. In addition, API provides complete metal finishing capabilities that include powder coating, wet paint, plating, anodizing, graphic design, and screen-printing.


Rack Mount Cases

Installation of electronics in a rack mount case is a time-consuming task. API can lower your total system costs by providing you with a fully populated system. Advanced Packaging’s experienced team of true craftsman, regularly build and then test a variety of complex electronic assemblies. API will design and build custom midrails, internal equipment supports, front end rear I/O panels, wire harnesses, power distribution, and testing to ensure a rugged solution.

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