Systems Integration Case for Amazon Web Services

Systems Integration Case for Amazon Web Services

At Advanced Packaging Inc we are proud to highlight our most recent systems integration case, a custom communications equipment case for our client Amazon Web Services. Through the merger of our core competencies: protective case development, wire and cable harness assembly, precision metal fabrication, and conceptual design, our engineers were able to take this simple shipping container and turn it into an invaluable tool that would allow the AWS team to stay connected via uninterrupted radio coverage. 

Systems Integration Case for Amazon Web Services


Equipped with a built-in antenna and a remote RF antenna, this unit can be utilized to easily extend the range of AWS’s comms network through dead zones and across remote locations, ensuring constant communication.

Systems Integration Case for Amazon Web Services

Side Panel

The side panel of this case features an RF and Power Panel designed to take three different inputs: a dc input, solar input, and an mc4 solar input. It is also equipped with

  • An extra LAN port 
  • A spare rf port
  • A grounding lug
  • A cellular antenna 

Systems Integration Case for Amazon Web Services

Wide Area Network

The side panel can also connect to a wan (wide area network) so that if there is internet service to the worksite the AWS team can easily plugin and get their communications team up and running quickly. 

Systems Integration Case for AWS


A key function of this Motorola SLB 1000 Repeater Kit is its portability. At AWS's request, our engineers were able to design and manufacture a solution that would enable the AWS team to remove certain pieces out of the case so that they could easily install it on a wall foam pole or another platform nearby. 

The end result is a one-stop plug-and-play system that takes wiring all of this up from when the AWS team gets on-site from an hour down to a two-minute startup process. To learn more about API's systems integration capabilities please click on the button below. 

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