The Benefits of Reusable Shipping Cases

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a tremendous impact on people's lives, families, and communities. As the international response continues to develop, organizations are operating in uncharted territories, this includes the shipping industry. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the price of lumber has risen 250% due to COVID-19. Companies that rely on wooden crates or pallets to help transport their solutions are seeing their overall operating expenses increase due to these rising prices. Because of this, companies are starting to recognize the importance of reusable shipping cases and the long-term benefits they provide. At Advanced Packaging Inc, we engineer and produce the highest quality shipping and foam cushioning solutions available. These custom foam inserts protect your items during transit and can be used hundreds of times, all the while offering industry-leading waterproof, crushproof, and shockproof protection. Here are a few of the benefits of reusable shipping cases.

The 6 Benefits of Reusable Shipping Cases

Cut Down Overall Shipping Costs

The biggest advantage in switching to reusable shipping cases is that they help reduce your company's overall shipping costs. Through consistent use of reusable packaging and containers, your company is able to cut down on regular purchases of single-use shipping containers and packaging and get multiple uses out of a more durable solution.

Safer Delivery

When deploying reusable shipping case, your company will see a significant drop in the number of times products are damaged due to shipping. With reusable shipping containers, your company can utilize custom foam inserts that are specifically molded to fit the contents of the case, ensuring more secure transport of your goods.

Reduce Space and Increase Efficiency

In addition to being able to reuse packaging, you can organize your freight more efficiently, thus reducing cost. Reusable containers can be stacked together, eliminating wasted space and making deliveries easier to load and unload.

Fewer Workplace Injuries

In some instances, reusable shipping cases have reduced or eliminated workplace injuries related to opening packaging. Where regular containers allow sharp parts to move and shift during delivery, these sustainable containers keep parts where they are and eliminate surprises.

Effortless Transportation

The addition of handles, wheels, and custom foam interiors can take your custom packaging to new levels. These added features allow you to create a shipping case that can be transported with ease.


At API, there are no restrictions to the size of case we can create, and we offer a variety of materials which you can choose from. For example, we understand that some military containers must be both water and shock-resistant, while a case used for personal transport will likely not have such stringent requirements.

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