Custom Medical Equipment for ZimVie

The Challenge:

ZimVie needed a reliable and sturdy solution to transport their vital power equipment to various training labs and surgeon demos across the country. The equipment was expensive and delicate, requiring protection during shipment to prevent any damage or loss. ZimVie was seeking a customized packaging solution that could ensure the safe transport of their valuable medical equipment while meeting their specific requirements.


API’s team of engineers and manufacturers developed a custom medical equipment transportation case that incorprated a durable and shock-resistant case with custom foam cushioning to securely hold and protect the delicate medical equipment during transit.

Highlights of the Exterior:

The exterior of the case featured a high-quality exterior shell made of rugged materials to withstand the rigors of transportation.

Highlights of the Interior

The interior of the case was lined with custom-cut foam inserts that were specifically designed to fit the shape and dimensions of the equipment, providing optimal protection against impact, vibration, and other hazards that could potentially damage the delicate instruments.

Furthermore, the interior of the case incorporated polycarbonate Lexan overlays on top of the foam inserts. These overlays allowed for printing of part descriptions, part numbers, images, system procedural highlights, instructions, and other essential information, make it easily accessible to the end user.

Final Product

The end result was a custom medical equipment case that provided ZimVie and it’s team with a reliable and secure solution for transporting their vital power equipment.

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