Custom Case with Foam Inserts for BAE Systems

Today we are proud to announce ourĀ  latest project, a customized case with foam inserts designed specifically for BAE Systems, a global leader in delivering cutting-edge defense, aerospace, and security solutions. This collaboration showcases how API addressed the unique needs of BAE Systems, employing a Pelican Case as the foundation for this project. Let's explore how API's expertise in engineering custom cases and foam inserts met the rigorous demands of a company dedicated to technology-led solutions.

Custom Case with Foam Inserts for BAE Systems

Project Need:

BAE Systems turned to API with a specific challenge at hand. They needed a custom case that could securely house 28 drives, along with two smaller drives. The case also required adjustments to the foam inserts to accommodate screws on sleds, all in anti-static foam. This project presented a unique set of requirements to safeguard their sensitive equipment during transport and storage.

Project Overview:

Using a Pelican Case as the foundation, Advanced Packaging Inc crafted a custom case with foam inserts tailored to meet the precise needs of BAE Systems. A pelican case was selected because they are renowned for their rugged durability, providing shock resistance, dustproofing, and waterproofing to safeguard valuable gear in challenging environments.

The custom case was designed to accommodate 28 drives, with two additional smaller drives, all while incorporating specialized foam inserts to securely hold the equipment in place. The foam inserts were customized to accommodate the unique requirements of the project, including provisions for screws on sleds and anti-static foam for added protection. The resulting solution was a 1615 Air Case, measuring 29.59" x 15.50" x 9.38", providing the ideal balance of security and portability for BAE Systems' critical equipment.

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