Retail Storage CasesEvery company occasionally orders too much of something; chances are there are at least a few things that need to be stored at any given time. Storage can be a tricky thing, though. You don’t want any of your merchandise to be exposed to accidents, mice, dust, bugs, or any other detriment that could arise. Ordering and utilizing custom cases for storage purposes can be a useful addition to your retail company to avoid the various problems that arise from storing things for any length of time. Consider the following cases for safely storing your merchandise:

  • Double Entry Rack Mount Cases – These cases can be accessed from two sides and also give you the ability to stack the cases. When you’re short on space, these are the cases for you. Your merchandise will be safe from the outside elements and stored in a way that allows you to easily access everything, while still saving on space.
  • Cases with custom foam interiors – If you know that there are certain things that need to be stored frequently, custom foam interiors are a great way to keep them safe. Fragile items can be stored in foam that molds perfectly to them and helps avoid any accidental breaking that may occur from shuffling things around in the back room.
  • Fabricated Single Lid Cases – If you’re storing things like extra electronics or the like, you’ll want cases that can take a beating and not affect what’s inside the case. Single Lid Fabricated Cases are made to be tough and resist damage. These cases can be made in just about any size and to handle any weight requirement.

When considering what case is best for your retail storage needs, remember that any and all of the cases we make can be customized to fit your specific needs. We know that every company is different and we’ll do our best to find the perfect solution for you.

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