Advanced PackagingRotational molding is a method of production using a hollow mold that is filled with plastic, heated, and slowly rotated.  The heat causes the plastic to melt, and the rotation causes the plastic to be evenly distributed. Rotational molding is a good plastic molding method for hollow objects. It is a low cost method, with a short initial production time, that produces more durable products. Below we’ll describe how rotational molding provides each benefit, and how it can be an advantage to you.

Low Cost

Rotational Molding has a low initial production cost and continues to be relatively inexpensive as production continues. The low initial cost comes from the cost of machining the mold, which is relatively easy and cheap compared to other plastic molding methods. The mold can also have finished pieces added to it before it’s heated, for example, internal pipes, structures, different color plastics, and metal threads can be added so that they don’t need to be added post molding. This saves time and money. For small production of specialty bottle or cylindrical containers rotational molding can be used instead of blow molding, which is normally used for bottle products but has a very high initial cost that doesn’t make it effective for short runs. The ease of production of rotational molds leads to another advantage, short production times.

Short Production Times

Rotational molding has a serious advantage over injection molding, or blow molding if you need a rush order. The speed and ease with which a rotational mold can be produced means you can begin production in as little time as three months. Beginning production with blow molding or injection molding can take six months or longer. In the time difference between the two molding processes you’ve gotten three months worth of product from rotational molding. This makes rotational molding particular good for rush orders, or short orders. Injection molding and blow molding do begin to catch up in terms of cost effectiveness in orders of over 30,000. However, injection molding has a final advantage that is not to be overlooked.

Produces More Durable Product

Rotational molding produces stronger products. The rotational molding process makes the products walls to be even in thickness, which means no thin weak points. It’s also a low stress process that makes thicker corners, rather then thin stressed corners that other processes can make.

Have your Cases Made with Rotational Molding from Advanced Packaging

If you’re looking for rotational molded cases made by industry professionals who have a deep understanding and respect for the technology they wield, then call Advanced Packaging today. Advanced Packaging, Inc. was established over 40 years ago with the mission of engineering and delivering the highest quality shipping and cushioning systems available.

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