What You Should Expect from Custom Drone Cases

When it comes to building custom drone cases, what elements should you expect?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only are they one of the trendiest toys that are sure to be a holiday hit this year, but they’re also immensely useful. Whether it is aerial photography or capturing video of some breathtaking views, drones are the way to go. But when it comes to building custom drone cases, what elements should you expect?

What You Need

Custom Interiors: Custom foam inserts are the most standard cushioning used. However, you can also think of other ways to improve protection for your drones. Mounts can keep the individual components of the drone safe during transport. Maybe what you need is a custom-built body for the drone designed to absorb the damaging effects of shocks and impacts. Either way, no matter what type of interiors you choose, be sure to select the best one. Foam is the most versatile, primarily because you can have it custom-cut through our waterjet technology. Through this jet-cutting process, we can create space for drone accessories or oddly-shaped parts.  

Additional Upgrades: When it comes to designing custom drone cases, you want to be sure that these fragile machines and their expensive camera equipment make it to your next destination safely. These cases could be transported in a commercial shipping truck or an off-road truck going up into the hills to find that great view just over the other side of the cliff. What does this mean? The drone cases might encounter environmental factors such as humidity, heat, or cold. They might also need to be reinforced against changes in air pressure or sealed so that they are waterproof.

What You Should Look For

As we mentioned above, choose the best protection and upgrades for your drone cases. Depending on what you plan to do with the drones, that helps determine what you should look for; do you want a hard case or softer one? Most civilian users are probably just using the drone for fun, but drones are also often used by the military and law enforcement due to drone speed and mobility. If the drone is going into rough terrain, it’s best to give it a hard case.


Advanced Packaging, Inc. Can Provide All Your Custom Drone Case Needs

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