Custom Drone Cases

Custom Drone Cases

The engineers at Advanced Packaging Inc were tasked with designing a custom drone case for a client that required a deployable, ruggedized solution that would safely and effectively transport their drone while en route to its destination.

The final product was a container that on the inside, featured a custom foam insert, safely and securely housing the drone; while the exterior was designed using waterproof, crush-proof, and lightweight materials, ensuring that the case would also be easy to transport.

The API Design Process

Change is inevitable, new technologies, new products, and special content are constantly being introduced into a dynamic marketplace. When products change, protective packaging solutions must change with them, quickly and without hesitation. Advanced Packaging Inc allows you to customize your design by in size and style. Through our development process, we are able to guarantee you a customized solution that fits your needs and delivers the results you want.

About Advanced Packaging Inc

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Advanced Packaging Inc builds custom foam and case solutions for customers worldwide. Driven by our mission to provide high-quality total solutions for our customers, API has the capability to fulfill the diverse requests of our clients. Ready to design your custom drone case? Contact Advanced Packaging Inc today! 

Industries Served

We proudly design and build custom cases and solutions for the following industries