At Advanced Packaging Incorporated, we design and manufacture medical equipment cases to protect your sensitive medical instruments and devices.

  • Case Exteriors: API medical cases are available in several different materials, including heavy-duty welded aluminum or durable thermoplastic.
  • Case Interiors: Our certified packaging engineers will design and manufacture precision foam inserts guaranteed to securely hold and protect your medical tools.
  • Additional Case Features: API medical cases may also include include features such as recessed wheels for enhanced mobility, protective stacking corners, removable trays, silk screened graphics, etc.


API also offers shipping solutions for larger medical devices, such as Mobile CAT Scan Units, X-Ray machines, Surgical Robots, etc. Our large medical shipping crates are designed to withstand even the harshest of environments, guaranteeing your expensive medical equipment reaches its final destination unharmed.

From spinal to orthopedic to dental surgery, even veterinarian, the options are unlimited.

If you have any questions about Medical Cases, please contact Advanced Packaging Inc. by calling 888-206-5250or visit our website today!

Leveraging our world-class, engineering, design, testing resources and expertise, API engineering and manufacturing teams exceed our customers’ expectations in case and container packaging solutions.

Founded over 40 years ago, Advanced Packaging Inc. provides quality stock and custom container solutions for military, government, and commercial equipment manufacturers. Our in-house engineering and production staff can quickly and efficiently fabricate shipping containers to meet each and every client’s specific requirements.

API has the experience to provide you with exceptional service and superior quality for all your packaging needs.

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