Custom Engineered Shipping Cases

How to Design Custom Cases for Different Forms of Transport

Whenever you need to prepare your cargo for a particular destination, you always have to keep in mind how it’s going to get there. The right custom cases can protect your cargo from whatever hazards they might encounter. These risks include challenges posed by the weather, water damage from moisture, impacts from vibration and shocks,…

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What to Look for in A Case and Packaging Company

If you’re interested in investing money in a new aluminum, rackmount, plastic, or steel case for your Maryland business, you’re first step is finding the right case manufacturer. While there are many packaging manufacturers to choose from, and the decision can seem difficult, by asking yourself, and potential packaging companies, the right questions the process…

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Airline Shipping Container Don’ts

When shipping your products across the country or even the globe via airplane there’s one thing that should be foremost among your concerns: Will my cargo survive the trip? Obviously, the most important element to guaranteeing cargo safety is the shipping container itself. It’s easy to fall for the allure of cheaper shipping containers made…

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Why Use Aluminum Shipping Cases for Mining Equipment?

Let’s not mince words: Mining can be an extremely hazardous occupation. Working deep inside the earth extracting valuable resources with advanced, and powerful machinery is simply an inherently dangerous task. Staying competitive in the mining business means being able to quickly and safely transport mining equipment across large distances. Whether you’re above ground or below,…

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The Advantages of Rotational Molding

  Advanced Packaging offers custom rotational molded single lid transit cases that are suitable for both military and commercial applications. Roto-molded cases can be used to hold anything from a camera to a jet engine, and come in a variety of colors, are pad-lockable, and feature corrosion resistant hardware. Rotational molding is a technique used…

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Types of Single-Lid Transit Cases: Protective Packaging & Custom Cases

In an ever-evolving marketplace with continually developing products, protective packaging used to store and ship goods must make shifts in order to accommodate the changes and innovations products undergo. Countless industries make use of a myriad of cases in order to safeguard sensitive equipment, from government agencies to medical suppliers to military branches. Single lid…

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Double Entry Rack Mount Cases

All double entry rack mount cases from Advanced Packaging meet MIL standards, a defense or military standard put in place to achieve standardization under the U.S. Department of Defense. These standards help to ensure reliability, performance, and maintanability of the equipment in question for both defense and non-defense government organizations and technical industries. Rack mount…

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Advantages of Aluminum as a Shipping Case Material

Benefits of Aluminum Like many other metals – notwithstanding steel, brass, copper, zinc, lead, and titanium – aluminum can be melted down, molded, and formed into a variety of objects, like durable shipping cases to house sensitive items, whether medical, military, or otherwise. There are several characteristics of aluminum in particular that make it advantageous…

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Engineering and Manufacturing Cases for Medical Equipment

Medical equipment’s sensitivity and intricacy requires them to have well-engineered protective cases – not only to store and safeguard them, but also to add functionality and value to the devices themselves. Developing container solutions for specialized medical equipment requires a comprehensive understanding of not only mechanical and materials engineering, but also ergonomics and biological and…

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