An I/O panel is not optional equipment when you need easy cable connections.

An I/O panel is not optional equipment when you need easy cable connections.

Are your custom transit cases struggling to find a connection in an unforgiving world? Do you long for the days when it was easier to connect the cabling you need to the connections you want? An I/O panel can solve all of your custom transit case connection needs (and maybe some of the other ones).

What is an I/O Panel?

I/O panels mounted on your transit case allow cables to be connected and disconnected to the contents of the case without struggling. Instead of having to unload all of your equipment and remove pieces from the cases that protect them, you can use the equipment while still protecting it. I/O panels can be designed for whatever electrical equipment you need to store inside to allow for AC or DC power, Ethernet, fiber options, RF communications, and more. Do the contents of your case need to be kept below a certain temperature? Install a display that shows what the internal temperature is.

Where Do You Mount the I/O Panel?

The I/O panel is usually mounted in a cutaway portion of the custom case, weatherproofed, and secured with washers and nuts. On the outside of your custom transit case, use bulkhead connectors to keep the case effective and offer the contents additional protection. Inside of the custom transit case, route cables to the equipment inside and the I/O panel. API can add I/O panels in plastic cases or arrange for the installation of an I/O panel in aluminum cases.

What Type of Connection Do You Need?

We all need different types of connections and the experts at API can help you decide what connections are right for your I/O panel.  You might need a single connection, a bulkhead connector directly to the case instead of an I/O panel, or a very complicated and diverse panel.

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