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Medical Device Shipping: How to Make It Eco-Friendly

Going green, or making your processes eco-friendly, is becoming more of an industry standard these days. Helping to protect the environment is not only good for your company’s image, but good for its bottom line as well. In this week’s blog, we will cover medical device shipping and how to make it eco-friendly. Read on…

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Why Plastic Custom Cases Are a Safe Bet

Plastic custom cases are a safe bet for your medical devices. Last time, we discussed the top three materials for use in a medical case. In this blog, we will focus in on plastic in particular. Why are plastic custom cases a safe bet? Read on to find out more!

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You Need to Protect Your Equipment

In today’s manufacturing market, the need for the highest quality shipping and cushioned solution is a necessity. Transportation, Medicine, and Aeronautic companies source products from all around the world, and it’s important to consider the role packaging plays during transport. Since API’s start over 50 years ago, our customer base has grown to include those…

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Medical Device Packaging: Safety and Importance

Medical packaging is a crucial part of the industry with its own separate set of safety and security concerns, for good reason. Packaging serves a number of purposes. It not only protects a product from harm or tampering during transit but can display critical product information and brand marketing. Medical packaging is in a class all…

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Custom Case Solutions: Rack Mount Cases

When transporting electrical equipment, protecting your gear from damage with rack mount cases is extremely important. Damaged electrical equipment is costly. Imagine bringing crucial gear with you, only to find wires torn out, or screens busted from jostling around unprotected as you travel. What are you going to do now? Your only option is to replace…

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What Makes Aluminum so Awesome for Custom Cases?

  When we make cases we think about the whole life of the case, not just the trip from us to you. That’s why we use aluminum for our custom cases. Aluminum makes our cases durable and lightweight, perfect for people on the go. Now, would you like to find out more about what makes…

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What can go wrong with the wrong electronics case?

  When you don’t spend the time, effort, and money searching for the right case for your sensitive equipment you are bound for disaster. A lot can go wrong when you don’t have the right case. If you buy a cheap case, what can seem like saving money can actually turn into a huge setback.…

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Aluminum is a Great Material for Custom Cases.

We at Advanced Packaging Inc. use Aluminum to provide you with top quality custom cases that will outlast the harshest of climates and the hardest of shocks. We have been providing custom aluminum cases for over 40 years and we provide cases for military and medical personnel. So, trust us, they can take a beating…

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Advanced Packaging for the Band

You’ve always kept your dreams a secret, but you can deny them no longer. It’s time to start your band. Now, the best part about starting this up after becoming a working professional is that you now have the money to invest in proper equipment. You can buy that fancy Les Paul you’ve always wanted…

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