aluminum caseBenefits of Aluminum

Like many other metals – notwithstanding steel, brass, copper, zinc, lead, and titanium – aluminum can be melted down, molded, and formed into a variety of objects, like durable shipping cases to house sensitive items, whether medical, military, or otherwise. There are several characteristics of aluminum in particular that make it advantageous as a material for custom cases, however.


Aluminum is especially lightweight, coming in at a mere 2.7 g/cm 3, which is a third of what steel weighs – while still remaining incredibly strong. Aluminum is used in automotive making, for instance, to reduce deadweight and energy usage while simultaneously increasing load capacity.

Corrosion Resistant

The protective oxide cover that aluminum naturally produces is well adept at resisting corrosion. Surface treatments can be applied to the metal, like anodising, painting, and lacquering to further up the anti-corrosive abilities of aluminum.


Aluminum is not only ductile, but also has a low melting point and density. Because of its pliability, it can be formed into its desired shape towards the end of the product manufacturing process.

Impermeable, Odorless

Aluminum, a watertight and airtight metal, doesn’t let substances pass in or out of it. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t release aromas or taste substances, meaning it works well in the shipping and packaging of items like food and pharmaceuticals.


Aluminum can be recycled completely without being downgraded in quality, and melting it down uses only about 5% of the energy used in producing the original metal to be reused continually over time.

As a light but strong and sustainable and anti-corrosive metal, aluminum is just one aspect of API’s cases that make them exceptional. Our in-house manufacturing and expert engineers mean that your custom case from API will keep your products protected even in the harshest situations.

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Aluminum – Advantages and Properties of Aluminum

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